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Story of Black Widow

Release Date: 5th July

The most recent premiere of Marvel Studios, Black Widow, despite the excellent first week it had in theaters, is now in a delicate situation on the big screen and it is that, just in its second week, the film starring Scarlett Johansson , has almost completely plummeted at the box office and to the surprise of many, the National Association of Theater Owners blamed Disney, but why?.The second week of Black Widow has been almost a complete disaster for theaters in the United States, plummeting 79% compared to the first week and with the third week continuing to show an unfavorable pattern for the box office. The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO), which is made up of theater and theater owners in the US and 100 other countries, spoke out on Sunday against The Walt Disney Co. for allowing Black Widow to air on Disney + simultaneously with the cinemas.The interview with the actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who plays Ravonna Renslayer, the judge of the god "Loki", from the Marvel series, was presented exclusively on and on the YouTube channel Cronica TV. In addition, the heads-up was unveiled to actress Rachel Weisz, who plays the role of Melina in the movie recently released in theaters and on the Disney + Premium Access streaming platform, Black Widow.
Year    :   2021
By    :   United Atates of America
Slogan    :   «Some assembly required»
Genre    :   Action . Adventure . Sci-Fi
Time    :   2h 14min. / 2:15
Budget    :   $140 000 000
Age    :   12+

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.5

Black Widow Full Movie Plot Outline

Director Cate Shortland, writers Eric Pearson Black Widow character Scarlett Johansson from her Marvel universe, died in a crucial scene in Endgame, the last installment of The Avengers, and it is very likely that this film1 represents the last appearance of her character in the saga.

The truth is that the character of Iron Man died when his interpreter, Robert Downey Jr., turned 56 years old, a clear sign, among thousands of others, that the supposed lifespan of men is usually much longer. To take another example, Liam Neeson is still starring in action movies at the age of 69, something absolutely unthinkable for a female counterpart.

In this film the action takes place some time before the death of the superheroine, so, once again, the last breaths of him can be exploited. This resource, which involves filling in spaces in the story’s timeline, was used in a similar way by the franchise for the recent Loki series, released on Disney +. In other words, linearity is dismissed, the gap is found and a story is implanted there, a way of squeezing the most popular characters and a universe of stories that have existed in comics for decades.

This film works as a farewell and renewal hinge. Black Widow is brought out and flaunted, but does not say goodbye without first introducing her replacement, her younger sister, an obvious aspiring avenger (or villain), who will continue to bring fresh blood to a saga that is already looming as endless.

It is clear that if there is something that Marvel Films knows how to do – and very well – it is to choose interpreters, and it would be impossible to distinguish the success of the Avengers franchise from the attractiveness of its main characters.

As Black Widow is one of the most serious and nondescript characters in the saga, it was necessary to resort to a humorous counterweight, a strong comic relief. And here they introduced not only one, but two. The brilliant Florence Pugh, who we already saw shine in Midsummer, brings plenty of poise, charisma and aptitude for comedy as Yelena Belova, the next superhero. The other is David Harbor – known for his role in the series Stranger Things – who plays an outdated Russian superhero as taquito, also hitting the spot with great naturalness and grace.

The film follows an over-watched and predictable journey: an international plot with chases and action a la James Bond, Jason Bourne and Mission Impossible, and a nasty Russian villain, who encapsulates and embodies all the manipulative and authoritarian vices of the communist enemy. T

he proposal would be perfectly forgettable if it were not for Pugh and Harbor, in that order, but perhaps what remains ringing and making more noise is a certain alleged discourse of «female empowerment», which is an immense contradiction with the representation of women-objects .

Paraphrasing Lucrecia Martel, mainstream cinema is “the dictatorship of the wasp waist.” And it would be necessary to count the number of times that Johansson’s ass is filmed –even that part of her body is explicitly named in a casual dialogue–, to which is added the appearance of a contingent of black widows –something like Amazons. relentless trained by Soviet Russia – pretending to be a gathering of “normal” girls from all over the world who nonetheless seem to have been cast in a cast of models according to the most demanding dominant paradigms. Feminism? Fine thanks.

  • Director: Cate Shortland
  • Writers Eric Pearson (screenplay by) Jac Schaeffer, Ned Benson
  • Production companies: Marvel Studios, Truenorth Productions
  • Country: Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom Production


In the last two years, we’ve learned how many characters came out of Thanos’ snap, either by watching or learning if someone was dusted off or directly survived within an MCU movie or Disney + series, or talent, like Marvel. The president of the studios Kevin Feige, revealing the fate of certain characters during a press tour. With that said, there are still some major MCU players whose statuses in this period are shrouded in secrecy. Now is a good time to brush up on some of these characters, starting with the group’s newcomer, Yelena Belova from Black Widow.

The film that brings back Scarlett Johansson, entered its second week of release, where its box office continues to increase after, in its first weekend of release, it will gross more than 80 million dollars. This included movie theater attendance and Premier Access as well.

Despite the long wait due to the delay of its launch that was going to take place in 2020, the story of the beloved Natasha Romanoff, can already be seen on Dinsey + and as is already known, many people were able to see the avant premiere in theaters. from Thursday, July 8. Therefore, the tape has been gaining popularity among fans.

It is worth mentioning that the character “Black Widow” or also known as the “Black Widow” has previously made an appearance in different Marvel movies but now she already has her own story that was highly requested by fans around the world. .

Knowing all the details, in the following lines we will tell you everything you need to know regarding the new Marvel Studios production. Likewise, we will leave you the information on how you can see it through the streaming platform, Disney Plus.

The installment that will tell the life of Natasha Romanoff, will be able to be seen in some cinemas worldwide; However, it should be noted that simultaneously the Marvel movie will also be released through the streaming platform, Disney Plus.

Therefore, if you want to see it, you will only have to pay an extra amount and access it and in this way you can enjoy it from the comfort of your home. Or if you are in a country where theaters have already opened, be sure to attend to watch the delivery of Black Widow.

Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, once said that farewell movies are made to make the protagonist shine. With Black Widow they succeeded. The Black Widow movie is a film that deserves to be seen in theaters thanks to its incredible action scenes and moments of enormous tenderness. Natasha Romanoff appears in her prime as a spy and warrior, and we finally have the missing pieces of the puzzle in the story of Scarlett Johansson’s iconic character.

If you read this without having seen the movie, we recommend that you attend the cinema (with all the pertinent sanitary measures) or that you see it with Premier Access on Disney +. Black Widow follows the same formula as previous Marvel movies (for better and for worse), so a good time is guaranteed. There will be no shortage of adrenaline and tears. If you want a more complete review, then read on.

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